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Realistic Self-Defense vs. Martial Arts - Is There A Difference?

H ave you ever bought a video tape about self-defense?
Have you ever read a book about self-defense?
Have you taken lessons in a martial art school?

You must have watched or learned hundreds or even thousands of different techniques. High kicks or other difficult skills, that require often an enormous amount of strength, flexibility and years of intensive training.

Not to mention the memorization of hundreds of different stances, steps, punches and kicks - and all possible combinations. During a high-pressure confrontation are you confident, that you can remember and apply all the sport techniques you have learnt in fair training sessions with fair partners?

In real-life emergency situations, defending yourself is not a sport. There will be no rules, no referee, no time-frame.

Your attacker will not be fair like your training partner.

The attacker wants to hurt you seriously or even to kill you. You can’t even hope for compassion or moderation.

You need to wake up your senses and recapture and recultivate natural reflexes. It doesn’t matter, how we are built, or how experienced we are.

We must assume that the attacker is faster, stronger and much more aggressive. If he wouldn’t feel superior, stronger and faster, he wouldn’t attack. Experienced practitioners in martial arts who participate in competitions limit themselves often to very few special techniques.

The ability to defend yourself is only one small part of what many martial arts have to offer.

Many of them offer strength, flexibility, conditioning and technique training, preparation for participating in competition, form training and then some self-defense drills.

Wing Tsun Kung Fu on the other side is a very specialized and realistic self-defense system, a 100% Self-Defense.

Physical strength or acrobatic skills, age, gender or condition are not deciding factors.

But keep in mind: A fight is always between two people - not different systems or styles.

Self-Defense is neither a sport nor a game. It must be realistic enough to protect your life!

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