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Dream Pirates

Dream Pirates, a person that not unknowingly or knowingly steals your dreams. We all have these "people" in our lives, they often don't mean any harm but cause so much damage. Who are they? Where are they? Why do they have to be here?

Dream Pirates are those evil thoughts that are in your mind, friends and family members, co-workers and co-students that just plant negative seeds. Often just waiting for a moment to reinforce the opposite thought process that you should be having while training.

They sound like this. You can't be a fighter, I can't punch fast enough, and I will never be good at WingTsun! Your stance isn't right; your backfist won't work! Sound familiar? It is those thoughts that constantly lurk in our minds and only serve to sabotage us.

We all have done goals sheets, made wishes and promises to ourselves, yet these Dream Pirates still lurk waiting at any moment to destroy any positive thought pattern created by our conscious mind.

Eliminate these thoughts from your mind and your own personal space. Learn positive self-talk. How do you get these thoughts out of your mind? I use a stop sign. Whenever a dream pirate enters my mind I just close my eyes or say "stop" and picture a stop sign. This prevents the thought from securing any position or placement into your permanent thought process.

It goes like this, whenever you hear that little voice, immediately visualize a stop sign. Become aware of them and stop them. Then reinforce your goal in your mind. This all only takes a split second between theft and one step closer to your goal.

Try this, the next time you hear: I am to weak in Lat Sao, I will never do (!!!) Chain Punches. See the stop sign, and say in your mind or out loud for that matter. I am training hard and I am preparing myself for the next WT student test. I do the Siu Nim Tao (!!!) times a day. (You put your number or goal in there). When the Dream Pirate tells you that a week of just being lazy won't make a difference, STOP!

You say, but I don't have that forward pressure yet, or I can't roll arms that long in Poon Sao. Live as if you have already accomplished it some how. It is truly amazing you will wake up one day and it is there, the goal. Say it like this: "I do 1000 Chain-Punches., I do Chi-Sao for (!!!) hours.". "I follow my training plan everyday".

"I keep accurate personal training and group class logs". You see how it works. Just keep talking to yourself as if you have already accomplished your goal.

Good Luck, and fight those Dream Pirates off. Keep your stop sign handy.


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Motivation/ Words of Inspiration

It's not easy!

Disciplining yourself is difficult. Being truly committed is difficult. Making decisions is difficult. Following through on your promises is difficult. Staying focused is difficult. Doing work is difficult. Planning, organizing, leadership, persuasion, personal development, learning, teaching -- they're all difficult.

The ingredients of success are difficult. They involve real effort and sacrifice. They're often tedious and tiring. And yet, they lead to a very positive outcome -- the achievement of something worthwhile, the fulfillment of your possibilities, success and accomplishment.

While the requirements for success are indeed difficult, they do end in success. The alternative is regret, and regret never ends. So today you have a choice. You can do the difficult work, make the tough decisions, follow through on your commitments, and by so doing you bring yourself closer to success. Or, you can avoid all that and lead yourself down the path to never-ending regret.

When tomorrow comes, how will you look back on today -- with gratitude and satisfaction, or with regret?

The choice is yours.

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