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Motivation part 3

Missed Classes? Feel like giving up training?
NO! - Do it anyway!

We are all aware that many factors like a cold, huge workload, family situations, stress, other spare time activities and even a temporary lack of motivation sometimes prevent us from participating.
Important is that one never feels that a comeback a continuation of training is impossible.
Over the years I sometimes unexpectedly run into students and asked them why I haven't seen them in a long time. In their reply it became often apparent that they thought it is not worth returning, that it is impossible to catch up.

Remember the first fighting principle in WingTsun? ;-)

A lot of times students feel very uncomfortable coming back after a break, after having "missed sooo much". The teaching and learning process in WingTsun makes it possible for anyone to resume at any time without feeling lost.

In our extremely busy lives it happens constantly that different issues become more important at certain times. But this should not stand in the way of fulfilling our dreams.

Be not influenced by your own temporary or outside negativism!
Though you won't get it perfect, do it anyway. Though you don't think you have the time, do it anyway. Though others may find fault and criticize, do it anyway.

To train you need patience and a vision of what you want to accomplish!
Though you can think of a lot of reasons not to, do it anyway. Though you've been disappointed in the past, do it anyway.
Though it will challenge you and make you a little uncomfortable, do it anyway. Though it will take some time and effort, do it anyway.
It feels sooo good to succeed!

Make a plan. Make big plans! Little plans can't stir a person's heart!
You know what must be done. You know what actions will bring you the results you desire. You know what is right and what is wrong. You can spend a lifetime making excuses, thinking of reasons why not, but where would that get you?

Eventually only you can make yourself good, you must want it, focus on your goal. Your trainer is your guide to assist you on your path.
Touch your own sense of excellence and do the right thing. Do it anyway, in spite of all the excuses. Do it anyway. Make a difference. Get somewhere. Take yourself to the next level. Do it anyway and you'll be glad you did.

Focus on your core goals in life and get rid of extraneous, energy-wasting, de-motivating thoughts and actions!

See you in class!

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