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Referred by: Martial Arts Link Page
Time: 2000-04-18 01:47:00
Comments: HELLO. We have looked at your home page.It's very nice.We offer you to look at ours and to give links eachother.With your sincerely... World Budo Federation International President Fikret KÜÇÜKAKDERE 8Th.Dan Karate

Name: Rudy W. Timmerman
Website: National Korean Martial Arts Association
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Canada
Time: 2000-04-18 00:16:00
Comments: Greetings. I enjoyed your WT site, as I did the WT site from the Ukraine. You folks seem to be able to do it right when it comes to an informative, well organized site. Best wishes, Rudy, Kwan jang

Name: Andi
Website: Andi's Homepage!
Referred by: Link from other WT Page
From: Germany
Time: 2000-04-14 07:06:00
Comments: hi, great homepage! greetings from germany (bavaria)! cu Andi p.s. WingTsun the best f... the rest ;-)

Name: Tomek
Referred by: Link from other WT Page
From: Poland/Warsaw
Time: 2000-04-11 05:40:00
Comments: Your Page is realy interesting. Where in Internet can I find a Chinese-English (or German) dictionary??? Peace! Tomek

Name: Ismail
Website: !!
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Time: 2000-04-06 10:41:00
Comments: Hi,my name is Ismail.I am a turk and I live in Germany.I try to speak good English.I train WingTsun since 9months and I feel good,because I know that I get a better fighter with every training.To fight good is very important because there are a lot of bad human beeings in this world.And I train WingTsun because I want to Protect myself better and the persons that I love.I am a student and when I become in 3 years my diplom as an ingenieur with God"s help I will come toCanada to work and to live there and to train Wingtsun forever.

Name: Robert Camp
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: Berkhamsted,England
Time: 2000-04-06 05:23:00
Comments: Love WingTsun.These websites inspire me to practice harder everytime I visit.Keep up the good work.

Name: Michael Barr
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Northern Ireland
Time: 2000-04-05 09:37:00
Comments: Nice site - we need more info about WT!

Name: Vincent Thibault
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Québec (Canada)
Time: 2000-04-01 10:31:00
Comments: Nice web site. Good to see enthousiasm in traditions, making the kung-fu family growing... May you have a nice day, From a Hung Gar student,

Name: Kate
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Vancouver
Time: 2000-03-24 23:30:00
Comments: Looking for Kung Fu options in the Vancouver area.

Name: Ryckewaert Johnny
Referred by: From Wing Chun World
From: Antwerp,Belgium
Time: 2000-03-23 07:25:00
Comments: Dear Sir, Interested in Wing Chun as it has descended from Ng Miu to Yip Man makes me interested in everything that there is to find.My hope is that there would ever be unity among all the masters!And to keep Wing Chun like it was passed on to us.I am from the Wang Kiu lineage.Thanks for your share in this all! Johnny

Name: Bryan Price
Referred by: Martial Arts Link Page
From: Bakersfield , California
Time: 2000-03-17 12:20:00
Comments: Your site is very well organized.

Name: Peter Powell
Referred by: Net Search
From: Buffalo, NY
Time: 2000-03-16 11:49:00
Comments: I was looking for correspondence program.

Name: Neil Carpenter
Referred by: Net Search
From: Fairbanks Alaska
Time: 2000-03-14 05:55:00
Comments: Great WT sight. Thanks for all the useful information.

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