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Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vancouver at the 11th Wellness Show 2003

11th Wellness Show 2003
11th Wellness Show 2003

The 11th Annual Wellness Show 2003
body, mind & soul

February 28, March 1 & March 2

Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre
Exhibit Hall "B" (under the five sails)
999 Canada Place, Vancouver BC Canada

The Wellness Show had something for everyone concerned about their well-being.

Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vancouver is concerned about your well-being so we were there too!


Wing Tsun at the Wellness Show 2003

Realistic Self-Defense

Powerful Self-Confidence

Encouraging Motivation

We did team up with to offer you information on the following topics:
- The Book "For the First Time Understand Realistic Self-Defense!"
- WingTsun-ChiKung Health Classes
- Realistic Self-Defense Classes

The author and Personal Trainer, Sifu Ralph Haenel, was present throughout the show to answer all questions. Volunteers of Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vancouver provided everyone with free information material.

Many took advantage of the opportunity to win free copies of the book, coupons for free Self-Defense or ChiKung Classes.

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