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CorePower in Motion, training for Health and Fitness

Everybody has probably heard about ChiKung. It's about movements, mainly slow, which have a positive effect on your health; some of you might know that the most important ChiKung movements are contained in our WT-forms. That has to do with the fact that martial arts, passed on in their authentic version always provided a health aspect on the side.

A complete fighter obviously has to be as healthy as possible. For almost ten years now the WT organization has studied the health related aspects of WT. Those of you who are already teaching or planning to do so, learn in our specialized trainers' seminars the basics of the anatomy of movement and building on that the theory of the WT Pain Therapy with preventative gymnastic exercises to extend muscles.
These basic exercises for general effect are very well suited for the holistic WT classes. Most of you have probably heard of the "miraculous effects" of our WT pressure massage, which selectively relaxes muscles, thus localizing and eliminating the causes of acute conditions of pain.
Several years ago WT Grandmaster Dr. Leung Ting introduced, after years of research in Fatsan, China the "new" old Health SNT, which is by now part of the voluntary facultative curriculum of the 9th and 10th WT student level (without being tested).

Health from WT

WT has inherent health related aspects. These are beneficial to every student who wants to take advantage of them as a "side effect". But what about those who, for their own reasons are not interested in self-defense, fighting or physical contact? What about those who never had the chance to get rid of their prejudice against martial art practitioners ("primitive individuals, who solve problems with violence")? What about the elderly, who don't believe themselves capable of martial arts training where younger people prevail?
In a nutshell what about those who want to benefit from the health related advantages of WT, from its cleverly devised movements that balance the fine motor functions; those who want those benefits without dealing with the fighting aspects of WT?

Even more health from WingTsun-ChiKung

For all of those people, the new branch of WingTsun-ChiKung (= WT-CK) was developed: To feel well and fit with "healing movement". The foundation is of course, our WT forms, which are complemented by original movements practised to the extreme and thus enhance the effects. Intensive, very exact training of the forms is one of the basic priorities of a WT-CK class.
The refined training program in 12 student grades (3 levels) with the SNT, the CK and the health SNT divides the body into three areas of emphasis, which are provided with stimuli through well-directed exercises. Special exercises designed to strengthen through stretching, partly based on the knowledge from our WT pain therapy, reinforce the effects on each of the areas of the body. Breathing and Relaxation exercises as well as traditional ChiKung (= CK) complementary exercises round off the classes to a harmonic whole.
Beyond the Wellness-Aspect, dealing intensely with oneself and one's body leads to the ability of the CK practitioner to take increasing responsibility for him/herself and the functioning of one's body.
As part of a class the CK practitioner can inquire and provide himself with specific information regarding preventative WT pain therapy and specific pressure point massage, which are part of the skills of the qualified WT-CK teacher along with knowledge of natural health theory (preventative health measures, nutrition).

"Normal" WT practitioners also benefit

Nobody should fall victim to the error that normal WT classes are not demanding and provide training stimuli, which have a positive effect on their fighting abilities.
It hasn't hurt any WT student to study the movements of the form diligently, to maybe only by doing so reach the flexibility and muscular steering ability necessary for a refined, sufficiently soft and highly efficient WT.

Nobody should forget the first principle of strength: "Free yourself from you own strength!" That means a WT practitioner is able to perform the WT movements and positions as defined in the forms without an opponent being able to give not even a hint of resistance to the approaching muscles.

By your WT honour: Who can say that of themselves? And exactly that can be attained through WT-CK training. How? In a WT-CK class the student gives all of her/his attention to the stretching and relaxation of their body and mind that is so essential for WT. Logically, by doing so the fundamental WT relevant process of stretching and relaxation is ensured.

Learning goals for WT students

1. Conveyance of a comprehensive body awareness
2. Development of the ability to holistic relaxation, i.e. the "feeling" of the interdependence of body and mind
3. Learning and "feeling" of the causal interdependence of muscle conditions and pain
4. Development of a natural and healthy mobility, in combination with the ability to fine motor steering.
5. Breaking of degenerated, "deep rooted" patterns of movements and conscious expansion of movement pattern
6. Expansion of limits of mobility with the effect of expansion of conscience.

Text: European WingTsun Organization (EWTO)
Translation: Melanie Seto

Wing Tsun Vancouver Head-Instructor Sifu Ralph Haenel belonged to the first 50 WingTsun Instructors in the EWTO who learned the Health Siu-Nim-Tao form in 1992 in Germany directly from Grandmaster Prof. Dr. Leung Ting. Ralph received the EWTO teaching certificate authorized by his Si-Gung Leung Ting, his Si-Fu Keith R. Kernspecht and by one of GGM Yip Manís senior students, Tsui Shang Tin.

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