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WT Hungary

WingTsun Hungary, Sifu Máday Norbert

WT Israel

web site discontinued

WT Italy

WTOI, WingTsun Italy, Sifu Filippo Cuciuffo
WingTsun (homepage Tania)

WT Luxemburg

WingTsun Luxemburg, Sifu Remmel
WingTsun Belvaux (Serge Kartheiser)

WT Netherlands

NWTO Netherlands, Sifu Frank Schäfer

WT Poland

WingTsun Poland
WingTsun Warsaw (Warszawa)

WT Slovenia

WingTsun Maribor, Slovenia

WT Sweden

WingTsun Växjö
WingTsun Falköping

WT Switzerland

WingTsun Switzerland, Sifu Giuseppe Schembri
EWTO Switzerland On-line Shopping
WingTsun Basel (Reto Sprecher)

WT Turkey

EBMAS Türkiye Ankara

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