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WT United Arab Emirates

WingTsun Dubai (Hassan Al Redha)


IWTA NAS, GGM Leung Ting
WingTsun Austin, Sifu Jeff Webb
WingTsun Boston, Sifu Jeff Webb
WingTsun Houston, Sifu Jeff Webb
WingTsun Mesa/Arizona, Sifu Keith Sonnenberg
WingTsun San Francisco, Sifu Klaus Brand
WingTsun San Francisco, Simon Mayer
WingTsun Atlanta (Kurk Johnson)
WingTsun Indianapolis (Todd Wright)
WingTsun San Antonio, Sifu William Parker
WingTsun San Antonio (student)
WingTsun Montana, Sifu Steve Brandon
WingTsun Bellingham (David Neal Brown)
WingTsun Chicago and Central Illinois, Sifu Mike Adams
WingTsun Houston (Alex Wallenwein)

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