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Intensive Wing Tsun Kung Fu Seminar Weekend
in Langford & Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island
Saturday, March 31st & Sunday, April 1st 2007
held by Sifu Ralph Haenel

The two-day weekend seminar has been held featuring the topic "The Complete Core Concepts of Wing Tsun Kung Fu. Realize the blueprint behind the first four Wing Tsun forms. Why are the forms in the order they have been passed down through the generations? It's a great opportunity to learn to think differently about the continuous learning process in Wing Tsun.

Find below the links to two extensive reviews of this seminar also featuring many photos:

Seminar Feedback, Steve McMinn (PDF file, 4 pages w photos, 333 kb)

Seminar Review, Ray Van Raamsdonk (PDF file, 8 pages w photos, 1028 kb)