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5 out of 5 stars A superbly organized "how to" manual

For The First Time Understand Realistic Self-Defense!
Ralph Haenel
2333 Government Street, Suite 6E, Victoria, BC, Canada, V8T 4P4
ISBN 1552123561, US$24.95

We live in troubled times when every week there is a headline news story of criminal assault underscoring the value and necessity of knowledgeable self-defense. Professional self-defense instructor and martial artist Ralph Haenel has written For The First Time Understand Realistic Self-Defense! to specifically address this need in the lives of ordinary men and women seeking to go about their daily lives without falling helpless victim to brutal criminal assault.
This superbly organized "how to" manual introduces the subject of self-defense, explains the differences and relationships between the martial arts and self-defense activities; corrects the misinformation about self-defense coming from television and the movies; outlines and details a realistic and practical approach to a self-defense system; the various concepts of protection; the technical specifications and operational venues of self-defense; women and self-defense; the role of personal motivation in self-defense; considerations when seeking professional instruction in self-defense, and a great deal more.
If you are considering acquiring an ability to defend yourself and your loved ones in today's hazardous and uncertain world, then begin with a careful and considered reading of Ralph Haenel's For The First Time Understand Realistic Self-Defense!

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