Political prisoner turned martial arts master teaches inner confidence, self-defense

by Ralph Haenel ISBN 1-55212-356-1


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Almost nothing is as destructive as being helpless and vulnerable, having fallen victim to a brutal crime. Indeed, few issues have as much impact on life-quality as the maintenance of family safety.

"The emotional stress caused by crime is one of the most devastating forms of stress a person can experience," says self-defense expert, personal trainer and motivational coach Ralph Haenel, author of FOR THE FIRST TIME UNDERSTAND REALISTIC SELF-DEFENSE.

As a professional self-defense instructor, certified by the worldıs largest martial arts organization, Ralph Haenel's martial arts career spans almost 25 years. Growing up in communist East Germany, and being covertly investigated and imprisoned by the STASI led Haenel to learn early on about the importance of dealing with seemingly unbearable obstacles.

FOR THE FIRST TIME UNDERSTAND REALISTIC SELF-DEFENSE provides information for those who may never have read a martial arts book ­ someone who may be intimidated by attending classes and the more traditional means of learning self-defense.

"As never before, this book puts the spotlight on the distinctive differences between a highly-specialized self-defense system and what is typically known as 'martial arts'," says Haenel. "FOR THE FIRST TIME UNDERSTAND REALISTIC SELF-DEFENSE expands on these differences by including 'how to' achieve true inner confidence by changing behaviour patterns and developing a relaxed come-what-may attitude that can be maintained during any kind of confrontation. Imagine the power in being your attacker's worst nightmare."

The unique concept of this book is the combination of its thorough lessons, including point-by-point listings dealing with specific attackers, and the real-life vignettes as told by instructors and masters of the art of self-defense.

Readers will be repeatedly motivated and encouraged to use this well-illustrated book as a workbook, or guide. Bonus chapters offer links to special websites, offering additional information and the chance to send feedback to the author.

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For the First Time Understand Realistic Self-Defense
by Ralph Haenel
330 pages; paperback; 8.5x11; black and white photos and illustrations; $24.95 US ($35.95 CDN)
published by Trafford Publishing
ISBN 1-55212-356-1

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