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Intensive Wing Tsun Kung Fu Seminar Weekend
in Langford & Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island
Saturday, October 17th & Sunday, October 18th 2009
held by Sifu Ralph Haenel

Powerful Strategies & Tactics – Core Concepts of Wing Tsun Kung Fu

Western training methodology and Eastern Kung Fu; Learn to successfully employ important and proven training and teaching methods beyond techniques, without having to invest more time! Make the best of Old School and Modern Scientific advances work for you!

1. Your background may be Wing Tsun Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Ving Tsun Wing Chun, Ving Tsun or Wing Tsun Kung Fu, another martial art or none whatsoever.
Did you know? Beginners are very welcome at our seminars! No prior martial arts skills or knowledge needed! Only enthusiasm and an open mind! Enjoy a friendly and also fun atmosphere. Work with supportive training partners.
2. Your focus might be on Chi-Sau (Chi-Sao) training, kicking methods, self-defense training, Gor-Sau, Lat-Sau, or form training.
3. The challenge for most people is the limitation of time. Besides job, family and other hobbies, who can train several days a week, for many hours a day? It is the same problem as staying fit, going for a run, or even working on changing eating habits. Yet another challenge can be A) a non-cooperative training partner or B) a non-supportive training partner, who doesn't question anything.

Have you had a chance, to read the reviews of past Vancouver Island seminars?
Seminar Feedback by Steve McMinn (PDF, 4 pages with many photos, 333 kb)
Seminar Review by Ray Van Raamsdonk (PDF, 8 pages with many photos, 1028 kb)

Are you ready to take action, to take your training to new levels of power and success? The weekend seminar will deliver the Solution and answer your questions as to How To progress faster in the least amount of time!

Wing Tsun is as any art a highly interpretive (martial) art. As a turning point in your training, realize the blueprint behind the Core Concepts of Wing Tsun Kung Fu.
- Discover why the forms are in the specific order, as they have been passed down through the generations!
- Find out, how to integrate simple (physics) lessons from Western boxing into your Eastern boxing training!
- Take advantage of a great opportunity to supercharge your learning process in Wing Tsun Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Ving Tsun Wing Tsun, or Wing Chun, Ving Tsun!

Learn to improve your progress greatly by discovering the common factors throughout the Wing Tsun Kung Fu partner exercises and forms in regard to:
- the Wing Tsun centerline, and
- development of real striking power, and
- the ability to release your striking power at the right moment, and
- the fluidity of movements under extreme stress, and
- revealing viewpoints and true purpose of the Wing Tsun Chi-Sau exercises, and
- maintenance of balance, and
- one of the major key points in Wing Tsun, the coordination of hand- and footwork.

These are only a few points covered by the two-day weekend seminar "Powerful Strategies & Tactics – Core Concepts of Wing Tsun Kung Fu”

Ralph Haenel, German-born self-defense expert and book author, looks back at over 30 years of martial arts training. He started his studies in Judo, Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and Karate. This year he celebrates the 25th anniversary of learning and teaching Wing Tsun Kung Fu. For nearly two decades now, his life is committed to teaching Wing Tsun full time. Benefit from his experience of having learned in the worldwide largest professional Kung Fu organization. For 16 years Ralph was educated by expert WingTsun masters whose previous careers spanned from professional boxing to full contact champions to military combat instructors. More than 10 years were invested into the development of his teaching and learning method named “The Complete Core Concepts of Wing Tsun Kung Fu”.
Draw new motivation out of this blueprint for successful training and supercharge your results.
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The seminar will offer lots of material for even the most experienced Wing Chun/Ving Tsun/Wing Tsun practitioners, as well as many helpful exercises for Wing Chun/Ving Tsun/Wing Tsun beginners or novices. Power up your fight capabilities!

We will organize from Vancouver shared car rides and free or inexpensive accommodation. Everyone is welcome to sign up for this special two-day weekend event, featuring eight hours of intense Wing Tsun training. Learn new programs and take advantage of this rare opportunity, to speed up your progress and enjoy a good time with likeminded and enthusiastic students and instructors of different schools.

Important: Limited enrolment due to space constraints at both schools.

Seminar Part 1 of 2
- Saturday, October 17th 2009, 3-7pm, $45
- Seminar location: Langford, 915 Rex Road, about 5 miles north of Victoria
- please see map at the bottom on this webpage
- Seminar host: John Kaiser (contact kaiservictoria at
- Best Value! SAVE $10.00 by attending both seminar days! Scroll down for Option A.

Seminar Part 2 of 2
- Sunday, October 18th 2009, 9am-1pm, $45
- Seminar location: Victoria, 2373 Edgelow Street
- please see map at the bottom on this webpage
- Seminar host: Ray Van Raamsdonk (contact victoriawingchun at
- Best Value! SAVE $10.00 by attending both seminar days! Scroll down for Option A.

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1994 - 2009, 15 Years Wing Tsun Kung Fu in Canada!
Vancouver, The First Canadian Wing Tsun School

Feel free to pay at the door or take advantage of the convenient and secure online payment option for our Wing Tsun Kung Fu Seminar Weekend:

Option A - $80 for both seminar days (Oct 17, 3-7pm AND Oct 18, 9am-1pm) Best Value!
SAVE $10.00 by attending both seminar days!

Option B - $45 for one seminar day (Oct 17, 3-7pm OR Oct 18, 9am-1pm)

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Click on image below for a larger version of the seminar location maps:
Wing Tsun Kung Fu Seminar Weekend in Victoria and Langford on Vancouver Island, British Columbia

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