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Fighting Principles Applicable To Business? - By Anthony Okuchi (October 1995)

W hat if I told you that the principles of Realistic Self-Defense can be applied to business? Crazy, you say?

First lets talk business. Today, marketing is the concept of "meeting your customers needs through a variety of business techniques". For example, marketing research is used to identify and transform subjective needs into results that can be acted upon strategically by management.

For a business manager that means identifying what your customer really needs and providing it in terms of a product or service. It's like suddenly realizing 100 of your customers are looking for a blue "widget" and when you offer it to them, you sell out of stock.

This is the first concept of this self-defense system named "Go Forward! (with everything you’ve got)". Forward energy is basically constant generation of energy directed at your opponent. Focusing and concentrating your flexible strength towards the opponent.

All this energy we direct at the opponent is directly related to marketing activities that businesses' budget, for target marketing, direct mailings, and database marketing.

All these activities are concentrated forward at the consumer rather than diluting it by lack of direction that the real world can cause.

Marketing can give you forward direction towards reaching your consumer or client like the first principle of Realistic Self-Defense - "Go Forward!" by using continuous forward energy.

Let’s look at the second principle of this self-defense system: "Stay With What Comes!", where we practice developing sensitivity to the opponent, by being in constant contact with the opponents arms and legs.

Through contact with the opponent we learn to recognize and plan for an opponents attack, this can be accomplished through a variety of ways, like having your hand on your opponents arm to "feel" direction, speed and power of his punch.

In business "Stay With What Comes!", is accomplished through marketing research, or a sales call, where a person would learn of their clients needs by regular phone calls, meetings, and visits. That is why investment companies are so successful because of the nature of the market where they can spend time developing a financial portfolio to suit their clients specific needs.

The second principle develops the response to the needs of your client This concept, like marketing research or a sales call anticipates and plans for your customers next move and prepares itself for the market.

The third concept of this self-defense system I would like to introduce is "(Controlled) Yielding To A Greater Force!", the principle of adapting to your opponents attacks. Some styles will train to block an attack with full power, but this system teaches students to develop a flexible strength, adaptation.
When you're in business, does it make sense to go head-to-head in advertising dollars with a major corporation when you are still a family operation? In business you adapt to the marketplace by creating a niche for yourself. You start selling products that the big corporation cannot become involved in.

You sell to small markets with specialized needs that the big corporation cannot break-even with financially, that's what "Yielding To A Greater Force!" is about: adaptation.

This system teaches the practitioner to give in to an opponent if their punch is too strong. To use the strength, speed and even direction of an attack against the attacker.
Adapting to the situation of the punch or attack, is just like carving yourself a piece of the marketplace.
Only in a fight it is a "piece" of your opponent!

The self-defense system also teaches the fourth concept of "Closing The Gap!", where you follow through with an opponents attack. When your opponent retracts his punch you merely let your attack go along for the ride with the opponents retreat of his punch.
Using an immediate counter-attack you will "fill" the gap that the opponent inevitably leaves when they commit to an attack. This principle can be directly related to the sales follow up with the customer.
For example, do you sell a car without gas, when you get payments for goods sold do you turn your back and hope they never return?
No, a business will provide them with a bag, a tank full of gas, an after dinner mint at a restaurant.

A business will try to ensure a customer will return. In this system the follow up sales call is your response to the opponents attack. In business, remember to bridge any gaps that a client may leave behind otherwise you may just have a unsatisfied customer leaving your establishment.

If you as a business person remember these four essential principles: "Go forward!", "Stay With What Comes!", "Yield To A Greater Force!", and "Close The Gap!" you'll be on your way in developing a business with sound and essential business practices in today’s competitive marketplace.

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