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Wing Tsun Vancouver - Membership Benefits

Enjoy learning a complete and focused self-defense system.

Check out the monthly print-newsletter for all active members of our local Vancouver school.

Team News
Newsletter for advanced students in education to become instructors in Vancouver.

Web Site
Visit our extensive website and read various articles, testimonials, find international links , sign the guestbook and many other features. Also visit our special Open House web site at

Link Collection
On our web site you'll find the most up to date and complete collection of links to all international Wing Tsun homepages.

News E-mail
Members of the Vancouver WT branch will receive brief updates about our web site, seminars, WT-news, merchandise and other topics via e-mail.

Be sure to study the printout of our student programs, the training plan and the many articles covering various topics of the Wing Tsun Kung Fu system.

Take home our free 12 page information brochure, answering many questions you might have. Or contact us with your complete postal address to receive information by mail.

Flyer and Poster
Request flyers and posters to advertise our school in the library, community centre, fitness gym and other places near you. Your initiative is required!

If you bring a new student to class and she/ he signs up, you will receive one free private lesson. This is our way of saying "Thanks!".

Information Board
In our class room you will find information poster for a quick overview about news, seminars, announcements. We will update as often as possible.

Form Posters
We have Wing Tsun-form posters available for your convenience in our group class location for viewing and practice, such as the poster of the first form (Siu-Nim-Tao) and the second form (Chum-Kiu).

You can choose between attending group classes, taking private lessons, having seminars or even enjoying in-your-home instruction for the whole family. All combinations are possible. Traveling client service available.

Check out our contact information.

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