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The Principles Of Realistic Self-Defense

W e are not talking about different techniques … it is about changing your behavior pattern.

1. Go Forward! (with everything you’ve got)

As soon as our opponent crosses an invisible borderline *, we move forward immediately and as quickly as possible. Moving forward usually means using simultaneous front kick, advancing and/ or controlling step and chain-punches. We learn to apply continuous forward energy and to occupy the center-line. Keyword: Aggressive forward defense!

* borderline - The moment, when the opponent jumps or applies one step to reach us with his weapon that can bridge the longest distance, side kick with the hind leg.

2. Stay With What Comes!

We learn to maintain contact (to stick) to the opponent (arms, legs and body). Never step back or retrieve. We don’t want to allow him to finish his first attack, or to start a second attack, or to organize his defense.

3. (Controlled) Yielding To A Greater Force!

We learn to use the strength, direction and speed of the opponent’s attack and how to direct it against him. Our arms and legs work as flexible shields, to borrow the opponent’s energy. Actually, we will be able to "borrow" everything from him. The attack is i.e., loading our arm like a bamboo slat, a flexible spring.

4. Close The Gap!

By using contact sensitivity, instinctive reactions and continuous forward energy, we will perform simultaneous counter-attacks on several levels and to various vital targets.

"A dangerous situation is never riskless."

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