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The Self-Defense System (brief introduction)

Wing Tsun Kung Fu is a weaponless self-defense system without compromises!
It allows you to protect yourself from serious attacks - without having to hope for compassion from your attacker.

This system is ideal for everyone, women and men of all ages, especially non-athletic people.

Imagine being your attacker’s worst nightmare. Instead of retreating or surrendering, you will "stick" to him without hesitation.

Through simultaneous counter-attacks on several levels against various vital targets, you will leave your attacker neither the time nor the space to follow through with his attack, thus forcing him into a helpless, defenseless position!

You will use his own force, speed, and direction of attack against him.
Through regular, realistic self-defense training, you can recapture your own natural reflexes and instincts for reacting appropriately in emergency situations.

With these regained skills, you will have new confidence and a relaxed "come-what-may" attitude during any kind of confrontation.
The success of this system lies in the basis that you can still be very effective, without being incredibly strong, agile, or flexible.

The central theme of this system is to help you develop a feel for knowing the right moment to power up, react, and counter-attack.

You will be surprised at the opportunities, enrichment, and new insights gained from realistic self-defense training.

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