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Grandmaster Prof. Keith R. Kernspecht
Strategy, tactics, physiology, psychology, philosophy and history of unarmed self-defense
Contents Book "On single combat"

· The weaknesses of the traditional styles. And why the user of such methods can nevertheless occasionally be successful. · Less is more. The best method of self-defence is the one which is able to cope with the most attacks using the least number of movements. · Suicidal knife-attack tricks, useless rigid blocks.

· The weaknesses of the traditional defences. · Comparison between the defence in Boxing and in Budo. · Bruce lee on how easily the eye can be deceived and Wu-wei. · The 10 characteristics of an ideal self defence system.

· The 4 times in self-defence. · The pure defence. · The defence followed by a counter attack. · Attacking rather than defending · The author's choice: The aggressive defence. · Moral and legal considerations. · The long, medium and short distances.

· How to safely cross the borderline. · The universal-technique against all attacks. · Comparison between the WT-Punch and the typical Budo punch.

· Why hand technique before foot technique? · How to get your full bodyweight behind a punch. · Jack Dempsey, Bruce Lee and WT and the "Falling Step"

· The forgotten power line. The secret WT shares with long Greek pancratiasts , Roman gladiators, medieval European "hand fencers", Philippine escrimadores, Thai Ling-Lam fighters, as well as American boxing champs like Jack Dempsey James Corbett and Bob Fitzsimmons ? · Why you must aim and hit with the ring-finger. · The roundhouse punch a suicidal technique for fools?

· Chain punches - have traditional styles no way to cope with them? · The dangerous wrestling attacks. Is wrestling superior to boxing and kicking attacks?

· Steve Arnteil, 8th dan Oyama-Karate, Teruo Kona, 8th dan Wado-Karate, A. Pfluger, 6th Don Shotokan-Karate, on the problems of Karate-defences. · Why WT works. · The Wedge-theory. · All WT fighting principles explained. Lots of examples. · The WT-reflexes the two reaction groups · Everything you need to know about Bong-, Tan-, Pak-, Cham-, Kau-Sao. · Why the WT reflex is faster.

· Why a layman can sometimes be mare dangerous than a blackbelt. · Active and passive shifting/turns, foot-work. · The anti-locking-system · The redundant system (a threefold safety system as standard, ex factory and at no extra cost). · possible combinations and counters · Total combat in 5 phases. · Economy of movement. · How to fight multiple attackers? · The deadly sins in WingTsun · Self-defence by women for women against men.

· #1 Free yourself of your own force! · #2. Free yourself of the force of your opponent · #3. Use your opponent's force against him! · #4 Add your own force to that of your opponent! · When to begin with a specific powertraining for self-defence?

· Internal and external forces.

· Fighting Spirit - the unknown quantity. · Why the better technician often loses against a hell-for-leather type with more fighting instinct? · How to overcome the opponent's fighting spirit. · Dirty tricks and psychological warfare in streetfighting

· How to fight the adrenaline monster. What philosophies can do for us in the martial arts. · Tsun Yang (doctrine of the mean) - Grandmaster Yip Man's own philosophy. · The best and at the same time the worst teaching-method. · The four rafts in WingTsun. · The three stage teaching structure: form, chi-sao, sparring. · WT - a different world. · Major differences between WT and conventional styles: 4 big tables · Short information on WT. · The history of WT and martial arts in general.

· Cheating with Chi-power. · How to achieve softness. · Dim-Mak the delayed death touch- "in 10 days you will be dead!" · Breathing in WT. · The instructor as a ferryman. · The ultimate truth in WT or the author's incontrovertible error?

· Opinions of experts: Karate- , Taekwon-Do- and Ju-Jutsu-instructors, int. champions of boxing, Turkish champions of wrestling, elite polite units such as the FBI hostage rescue team on self-defence value of Leung Ting's WingTsun.

· WingTsun as a (part time) occupation.

ISBN 3-927553-07-7

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