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Educational Program For Women 1 - By Elsy Chow

Review Of My Six Month Course "Realistic Self-Defense (RSD)", March 1997

When I first heard that Ralph Haenel was offering a six month self defense workshop for women I was very excited. Not only was I interested in learning self defense to protect myself and my family. I wanted to learn enough to feel confident and comfortable teaching other women how to defend themselves against unwanted advances and attacks.

I was impressed that Ralph Haenal was offering a free, six month Realistic Self Defense (RSD) workshop not only to teach women self defense, but also to teach the women how to become RSD instructors so that they could spread safety to other women.
This greatly appealed to me because I believe every woman should learn at least a little self defense for her own basic safety.

When we first began the RSD course, I was expecting to learn basic attacks, typical counter attacks to unwanted advances, and how to escape if you are being followed.
RSD taught me the how to punch in the quickest and safest way, how to keep an attacker at a safe distance, why one should always move forward, how the same, simple techniques can be used in almost any situation, and much more.
Mostly, I did not expect to learn a complete new way of thinking that gave me a more confidence as a person and a fighter.
Not only did we learn how to protect ourselves, but how to aggressively fight back without endangering ourselves.

I realized that RSD is exactly that… realistic. Since there are not several pre-determined defenses for every attack, there is not a lot of thinking and confusion involved in retaliating with any attack.

RSD covered all aspects of self defense from how your head is positioned to how to stand correctly facing your opponent, so as to protect your entire body, not just certain parts.

My previous experience in self defense was a short two hour course in high-school which taught us a few ways to fend off a rape or an attack. After that class, I felt a little more confident about defending myself.
However, after taking Ralph Haenel’s 6 month workshop I realized my high-school course was very impractical, and it had given me a false sense of confidence, which is even more dangerous than not knowing anything at all.
Also, I found that the RSD course was "hands on". The exercises which we did were not soft, or pretend situations… they were very genuine and real. This enabled us to understand how it feels to deal with a real attack.

After this 6 month RSD course I feel very comfortable, and confident that I have learned many skills, techniques and the overall mindset that I am capable and have the ability to defend myself in almost any situation that comes my way.

I believe that the RSD course covered all I expected to learn, plus much more. There were many things Ralph taught us that I did not think of before but later realized it was very important to know.

Things like how to escape when both your hands are being held, or what to do when someone attempts to lift you off the ground.
I also enjoyed how our instructor encouraged us to ask many questions whenever we were unsure about things. And he was able to answer all my thoughts and questions on the subject of defending myself or being attacked.

Overall, I feel that the RSD course taught me how to defend myself very well. I believe that I am now qualified to teach other women the basics of what I learned.
Before I would feel comfortable taking on a task such as this I would need to work on an outline of what was to be taught every class. I would like to practice a few moves and techniques more so that I can perfect them and feel more confident as an instructor.
This would also help me to explain how RSD works, and answer all the questions my students would ask of me.
I am not sure how comfortable I would be teaching men as I would like more experience in dealing with their size and strength first.

In conclusion, I felt that the RSD course was a great experience for me, and have gained a lot of knowledge from it.

I would enjoy an opportunity to teach others what I have learned in this 6 month course, because I believe RSD to be an intelligent, flexible, quick and most importantly effective way to protect yourself.

All women should be able to feel as confident as I do now after taking this Realistic Self Defense course.

Please click here to view two photos of the womens team.

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