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Wing Tsun Kung Fu at the University of British Columbia

fight animation In November 1998 we began our introduction of the Wing Tsun Kung Fu system at the Student Union Building at the University of British Columbia (UBC). We continued throughout 1999 to teach many classes at UBC. Currently (2003) there are no classes on campus. Students are very welcome to join our free trial classes at the Main School in Vancouver.

Mixed Martial Arts Demonstration and Forum on March 27th 2003
This years event saw a variety of schools from UBC, Shito-Ryu Karate, Kendo, Wushu, Hung Gar, Wing Chun (Wang Kiu) and Wing Tsun Kung Fu. Our Wing Tsun demo team under Sihing Brian Yam participated with a performance showing excerpts out of various student programs, fighting exercises (Lat-Sao), Chi-Sao (clinging arms) and a variety of Self-Defense applications against several attacks.

The first two forms of the Wing Tsun system, Siu-Nim-Tao and Cham-Kiu were demonstrated by David Sue-A-Quan of Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vancouver. All exercises were accompanied by Sihing Brian's explanations of details, meaning and purpose within the Wing Tsun system.

Let us know if you want to receive information via e-mail about future activities on UBC-Campus.

Wing Tsun
A game of Chess for Body and Mind - Philosophy in Action

Grandmaster Dr. Leung Ting and Vancouver Instructor Ralph Haenel

Wing Tsun Kung Fu grew out of the Taoist tradition in eastern thinking. In Chinese philosophy, "Tao" means "The Way". It signifies life's eternal movement of growing, blooming, fading away and never-ending renewal. To achieve his unity with the Tao, man must become as the Tao: spontaneous, open, simple, and flexible - not hard and arrogant.

When using Wing Tsun in self-defense or applying its principles in every day life, one becomes like a river flowing to the sea. Even if the mountain obstructs the river's flow, it will not be stopped. It will reach its goal naturally, unavoidably, while overcoming all obstacles on the way.

To learn the instinctive use of your body in emergency self-defense situations from books or videos is impossible.
Nor could one describe, no matter how eloquently stated, how students of Wing Tsun experience such fundamental empowerment.
Only patient practice under the attentive supervision of a certified Wing Tsun Kung Fu instructor will soon provide concrete ideas of what is actually achievable.

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