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Wing Tsun Kung Fu in Vancouver ,
Beautiful British Columbia

Many people from around the globe asked how life is in Vancouver, Find on this page the weather news and other interesting links like the Vancouver web cam.

Welcome to Discover Vancouver, your guide to Canada's most liveable city and favourite west coast travel destination -- Vancouver, BC!
Find Maps, Tourist Attractions, Accommodations, Sightseeing, Nightlife and more. Click on the link below!
Click here to Discover Vancouver

Click on the link below for Weather News Vancouver!
Click here for Weather in Vancouver

Accomodation in Vancouver (no guarantee)
Executive Inn Hotels and Suites
YWCA Hotel in Downtown Vancouver.
Budget Hotels, choose full search or click on Vancouver.
Accomodation Vancouver (
Pan Pacific Hotel
Century Plaza Hotel and Spa
Canadian Pacific Hotels
New Westminster Royal Towers
Canadian Hotels Vancouver (link list!)

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